Who We Are

Our Vision

Ekdanta has a vision to target first home buyers. Plan is to have complete transparency with timely delivery without compromising quality of construction and internal flat amenities.

To be the  king  of redevelopment as well as make our customer feel the pride of buying his kingdom.


Our Mission

Ekdanta has successfully delivered 1.25 Million Sq. Ft. in real estate. At Ekdanta we aim to deliver homes to 1st segment of buyers across MMR. In future we plan to deliver quality real estate pan India. We believe our customer should get the best possible quality product every time. Customer delight is the mantra we
live by.

Building Amenities


Er. Rajesh Mutha

Er. Rajesh Mutha


B.E. Civil

With over 30 years in the industry, Er. Rajesh Mutha has learnt that a company is only successful when its customers are happy. In today’s day and age, it is quite a burden for a 30 something individual to buy his own home. Under Rajesh Mutha’s guidance each member in the company strives towards maintaining the best quality while reducing the customer’s stress. He has a three-pronged approach to running the business.

  • Every penny spent by the customer must be justified.
  • Delay in projects increases customer stress, so each project needs to be delivered on time or before time.
  • If we deliver great quality, the customers will be happy and the company will be successful.

Ekdanta’s main ethos revolves around the idea that we are building a home, not 4 walls, not 2BHK or 3BHK but a home. Keeping this as a central thought, all members of the company strive to bring their best to the table ensuring a great product and happy customers.

“My burning desire is to make luxurious living affordable to all.”

Er. Rajesh Mutha

Er.Rohit Mutha


MBA – Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure | B.E. ( Civil )

Other than being young and dynamic, Rohit Mutha has inherited the passion for excellence. Like his father, he too believes that excellence has to be a way of life. In everything he undertakes he ensures utmost importance is giving to the end customer. The real-estate landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Rohit Mutha is at the forefront for new technologies in the company. The goal is simple, with the help of the following Rohit Mutha plans to transform the real estate development industry for the betterment of society overall.

  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable
  • Decarbonization

Er.Rohit Mutha

Arun Chhalwani

Head of Sales & Marketing

Sales is a driving factor in any business, today, the definition of sales has changed. It is not about selling your product but instead, it is about communicating your message to the right audience at the right time and to bring the right kind of buyers who see true value in our product, also the kind of buyers for whom we have designed that specific product.

Arun has vast experience in leading brand and strategy for companies in various verticals but mostly real estate. He understands how IT has been transforming the sales systems and how to make the most of new developments. With over a decades experience within the industry, Arun is a true master of his domain and works tirelessly to ensure the success and timely sales of all units in time. Smooth sales functioning ensures that the business is able to run at its optimal best at all times.

Er. Dilkhush Shinde

Head of Construction

A keen strategist and planner with 28 years of rich and qualitative experience in Execution of Civil Works & Site Management. Adept in planning, executing and spearheading construction projects involving design coordination, value engineering, quality assurance/control, contract administration and resource planning. Experienced in Interior, Electrical, Fire Fighting, Solar Systems, sewage Treatment Plant and Rain Water Harvesting.

Bhavesh Parekh Head of Accounts

Bhavesh Parekh

Head of Accounts

With over 13 years of experience, Bhavesh Parekh heads the accounts team at Ekdanta. He is adept in taking care of everything from accounting and taxation to investments and compliance. With his experience in varied fields, Bhavesh has the insight to look beyond the numbers and see their impact at a micro level. He is a true believer in the chairman’s philosophy of excellence.

Committed To Superior Quality And Results.

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